February 22, 2018

Teach Dancing

So you think you can teach…dancing?

Even more, you think you can own and operate your own successful school of dance?

Taking on the responsibility of owning and operating a dance business will require that you learn everything you possibly can about the business and what it takes to have your business run smoothly and SUCCESSFULLY.

Studying and learning everything you can about the dance business will give you the confidence and the courage to move forward.

The purpose of this book is to supply you with the inside information it really takes to successfully teach, own and operate your own dance school.

Yet, you will never know everything there is to know about dancing, teaching dancing or about operating a business. There comes a time that you must take action. It requires a leap from learning, to putting your knowledge into action. This is the step that many hopeful dancers miss.

Taking action and moving forward with plans is actually the best way to build confidence in your-self. Action builds courage.

This eBook is written by professional dancer, dance teacher and chorographer, Diane Sheehan, who will give you a step by step plan as to how to turn your dance DREAMS into dance ACTION by owning and operating your own successful school of dance.

“Having owned and operated what became one of the largest dance studios in the Niagara Peninsula for 49 years it became evident that I was teaching more than dance.

I eventually learned that I had the responsibility and the privilege to be able to simultaneously assist students to gain the confidence in them-selves that it takes to become caring, responsible, amazing individuals. I now pass the secrets of my success as a dancer, teacher and business entrepreneur on to you”.

  • It is the dream of many dance students to own and operate their own dance studio.

  • That dream is often shattered when they realize they haven’t the slightest notion as to how to teach dance or how to operate a successful business.

  • Why should they when all their time and efforts have been devoted to becoming an accomplished dancer?

  • Yet being an accomplished dancer is only the first step toward being a successful dance teacher and being a successful dance teacher, although an integral part of the dream, does not qualify one to own and operate a successful business.

  • Having owned and operated my own highly successful dance studio for over 49 years, I have reflected on the many ingredients that contributed to my success in the dance business.

  • Now I want to share these secrets in hopes that your dream of teaching dance and owning and operating a successful dance studio will become a reality.

  • It is my dream that in sharing these secrets, I might help you to discover the joy of sharing the art of dance with your students as well as being able to afford the finer things in life.

  • I intend to do this by providing you with the foundation upon which you can build your very own successful school of dancing.

  • So you think you can teach dancing and you want to open your own school? I am committed to converting my know how into show how.

Learn 29 detailed secrets to owning and operating a successful dance school that will lead you from just thinking about it to taking action.

  • Learn how to attract new students and how to keep them coming year after year.
  • Learn the secrets in choosing a business location that will attract clientele.
  • Learn the secrets of marketing your business with no cash outlay.
  • Learn the necessary equipment for your dance business.
  • Learn how to enroll students easily and comfortably.
  • Learn the necessary requirements to put on a successful dance show from start to finish.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your students to give them the confidence it takes to continue their dance experience joyfully.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with the parents of your students in order to include and instruct them in ways they can assist.
  • Learn how to have the confidence and courage it takes to transcend the fear of taking action …plus so much more.

You will be inspired to step up to the plate and teach others the joy of dance in your own successful dance school.


“29 Secrets on How to Own and Operate Your Own School of Dancing”


But wait, there’s more

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This is the first program of its kind designed to provide you with a ten week step by step guide to teaching, owning and operating a successful school of dance.

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