February 22, 2018

About Diane Sheehan

Having owned and operated what became one of the largest dance studios in the Niagara Peninsula for 49 years it became evident that I was teaching more than dance. I eventually learned that I had the responsibility and the privilege to be able to simultaneously assist students to gain the confidence in them-selves that it takes to become caring, responsible, amazing individuals.

Later in life I earned a Master’s degree in philosophy at Brock University, majoring in Eastern thought and existentialism. Then, when accepted in the Ph.D. program of Religious Studies at McMaster University, I taught death and dying to medical students. Deciding to skip the death and dying and to focus on life and living I returned to teaching in my dance studio.

Now I’m a certified hypnotherapist and an author; a bizarre outcome for one who kicked off a professional dance career as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall in New York City at age seventeen.

My interest in learning has never waned. Now I understand that unlearning is truly my secret of life. Seeing through my learned reactions is a priority as well as being aware when my ego is blocking my inner peace, compassion and joy of life. This makes me a work in progress.

Practicing being open and living in an ever expanding present is more and more my play, along with sharing all that I’ve unlearned through writing satirical, experiential humor.

I find certain stability in flexibility and a definite certainty in life’s ever present uncertainty. My dance lessons are now comprised of learning to dance gracefully within life’s paradoxes. And the beat goes on.

I’ve found that life is not for sissies and, try as we may; we humans can rarely escape tragedy in one way or another. However, I feel we have a choice. We can allow ourselves to indulge in the past, becoming victims of circumstance or we can choose, not simply to survive, but to be more and more present and loving with the dear ones we encounter throughout our days on this planet.