February 22, 2018

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Diane Sheehan is the 5th rockette from the right hand side...

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Diane's Books

“Diane’s book signing event at Book Expo America in New York City, May 28, 2009″

Diane's Books Diane's Books
29 Secrets On How To Own

And Operate Your Own Successful School Of Dance

  • It is the dream of many dance students to own and operate their own dance studio.

  • That dream is often shattered when they realize they haven’t the slightest notion as to how to teach dance or how to operate a successful business.

  • Why should they when all their time and efforts have been devoted to becoming an accomplished dancer?

  • Yet being an accomplished dancer is only the first step toward being a successful dance teacher and being a successful dance teacher, although an integral part of the dream, does not qualify one to own and operate a successful business.

  • Having owned and operated my own highly successful dance studio for over 49 years, I have reflected on the many ingredients that contributed to my success in the dance business.

  • Now I want to share these secrets in hopes that your dream of teaching dance and owning and operating a successful dance studio will become a reality.

  • It is my dream that in sharing these secrets, I might help you to discover the joy of sharing the art of dance with your students as well as being able to afford the finer things in life.

  • I intend to do this by providing you with the foundation upon which you can build your very own successful school of dancing.

  • So you think you can teach dancing and you want to open your own school? I am committed to converting my know how into show how.